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Mari Ruohomäki

The Story of Namu Jewellery

Namu Jewellery is a company I founded in 2016. I am Mari Ruohomäki, M.Sc., Gemmologist (D.G.Fin.) and a jewellery expert AJP GIA.

My love for gems was born as a child, and I am very passionate about my business. In addition to beautiful stones, my focus is also in responsible business practices. I want to make sure that excavating does not harm nature or does not deprive miners of their rights.

I only work with mining partners who are committed to responsibility, openness and have high ethical standards. I supply stones on a mine-to-market basis, meaning I only get stones directly from the mine or the diggers, without intermediaries.

I also use only one thoroughly audited partner for faceting. This makes it possible to guarantee the traceability of the stones.

All stones come with a certificate of origin, and a large number of stones also have a gemmologist’s report available at an additional cost. In addition, I lecture on topics related to responsibility and gemstones.

Important for me
  • Responsibility
  • Mine-to-market
  • Faceting
  • Origin
  • Whole sale