Namu is a treasure

Dark forest. Your backpack is heavy on the shoulders but you keep on going. You are well prepared, yet unsure whether you will find what you are looking for. You walk on dodging branches that scratch your arms. Rugged boulders. Dense forests. You arrive at the destination and start investigating the surroundings. You turn over stone after stone. Nothing. Just as you are about to give up hacking away at the stone, you notice something shiny. You kneel down to pick it up. There it is. The treasure you sent out for. A beautiful, shiny, colored stone. Joy! Your efforts paid off.

The story of Namu jewellery starts within the ancient bedrock of Finland. It is the oldest bedrock in Europe. Strong forces of nature have given birth to the stones, magnificent treasures of nature, that date back millions of years. They echo history, beauty and purity. Combined with minimalist design these stones turn into timeless jewellery. My ambition is to bring you the best Finnish nature has to offer.

Namu jewellery is a perfect match for you if you are a true treasure hunter in your soul. If you feel the need to immerse yourself in hidden worlds and discover secret paths. If you wish to seek and if you wish to find. You have found your treasure.


Responsibility. Namu prefers ethical materials and local production. Namu gemstones come from small local suppliers that I personally know and trust, and I even collect some of them myself. This way I can be sure that both people involved in the process and nature are treated with respect. Also the jewellery boxes that I use are eco-certified.

Craftmanship and quality. I handle the stones and handcraft the jewellery in my studio. The faceted stones are cut by hand by local gem experts. I make the jewellery in small editions and each jewel has a serial number. The shape and the color of the stones vary slightly, since all stones are individuals. This guarantees that you receive a true treasure.

Caring. I care about the world around me and I feel that if I have a chance to help others, it is my responsibility to do so. Therefore 10% of all profit goes to charity. At the moment I support Fida International and their project of enhancing living conditions in a poor Nepalese village. You can read more about the project at

Founder and designer of Namu Jewellery is Mari Ruohomäki. Her jewellery has been featured in publications such as Vogue. She is a gemstone enthusiast, a jewellery lover, a wife and a mother of four. A coffee addict and a keen gardener. Also a lifelong learner always seeking for alternative and more ethical ways of making jewellery.