Karu – Light Smokey Quartz Pendant


Karu – Raw as the nature intended. Karu uses stone in its most natural form. Karu is rough and edgy, and it has an attitude.

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You are well prepared. You know what you are doing. You are at the top of your league. A strong woman. Yet the butterflies in your stomach won’t leave you alone. You need a reminder of your skill and talent. You lift your hand to your neck and let your fingers linger on the rough surface of Karu -necklace. Strong as a boulder. Rugged, sturdy and steady. You feel your pulse and breathing slow down. The sun glints behind the clouds and makes your Karu shine. It shines on your cleavage and boosts your self confidence within you. You are ready come what may.

Remember you are strong

Karu reminds you of the courage within. It makes you believe that you can and you may. Karu lights up your self-confidence with its glow.

I make Karu jewels in small editions and each stone is a unique treasure of nature. Wearing Karu, you can rest assured that no-one else has a similar jewel to yours. They are all unique, just like you are.

The style is one of a kind. Minimalistic. It oozes purity and the beauty of the Nordic nature. Karu is a delicate combination of rough hammered stone and tensed silver wire.

A jewel with an attitude

The 45cm long rolo chain drops the Karu pendant just to the right spot on your cleavage. It highlights the beautiful line of your collarbones. This will not go unnoticed.

Light smokey quartz from Eräjärvi glints each time light reflects on it. The minimalistic pendant made of recycled silver wire highlights the roughness of the stone and its shape reminds a flower bud. Your confidence that is hiding within you and is just about to bloom.

Feel the gentle reminder of your inner strength

Karu is your best friend at a business meeting. It reminds you of your strength even when things get tough. It perfects your outfit at a dinner party and brings edge to a stylish dress at a party.

Whether you wear it at a dinner or a cocktail party you can be confident of your style.
You are real, strong and unique. Let Karu tell it to the world!

The popularity of the Karu jewels is based on their authentic style.
Fresh, minimalistic interpretation and authenticity of the materials.
These limited editions will sell out quickly.

Karu jewels are also official centenary products, celebrating 100 years of Finnish independence.

Order now your own Karu jewel, you deserve a treasure of your own!

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