Kelo pendant snowy quartz


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Kelo is inspired by the trunk of a dead pine tree. These light grey trunks can be found in the northern backwoods, with their curvy branches reaching for the sky. Roots still hold the tree upright even though life in it is long gone. The tree has seen the seasons change, held its ground through storm and snow and still it’s standing tall. Kelo is the symbol of resilience and strength.

The jewellery line is a minimalist interpretation of the trunk of a dead pine tree with its cylindrical shape and matt finished surface. The hollow trunk holds a treasure within: either a white snowy quartz from Luumäki or a black jasper from Lapland according to your preference. The white stone represents purity and the black stone is a symbol of stability and strength. Each stone is cut and polished by hand at the Namu studio and also each jewel is handmade of recycled silver. The pendant comes with a 42cm snake chain to complement the minimalist look.

Kelo is perfect for a woman who likes clear lines and minimalistic interpretation. Whether you pair it with your favorite t-shirt, jeans and sneakers or with that perfect pencil skirt and high heels, Kelo is perfect for both looks.